My Five Boys Maggie Gallagher Sondertraining 26.05.2024 Fortgeschrittene Workshop
Tippin' It Up Gary O'Reilly Sondertraining 26.05.2024 Anfänger Workshop 2
Cross My Heart Karl-Harry Winson Sondertraining 26.05.2024 Anfänger Workshop 1
Magic 5 J&T Dancer  
A Wee Bit Lost Maggie Gallagher  
Sweetie Birthe Tygesen & Niels. B. Poulsen  
Comfortable Marlon Ronkes & Romain Brasme  
Reason to Live Darren Bailey  
Texas Hold 'Em Guylaine Bourdages  
Solo Para Ti Francisca Pons Estelrich  
Bringing It Back Fred Whitehouse Sondertraining 31.03.2024 Workshop 1
Remember That Feeling Lee Hamilton (SCO)  
My Final Pour Joshua Talbot & Helen Ng Sondertraining 31.03.2024 Workshop 2
Sugar & Spice Jef Camps, Roy Verdonk & Jo Kinser  
Take Me Home Karen Tripp  

Sixteen Tons

Colin Ghys & José Miguel Belloque Vane  

The Power of Love

Lucie Lu (DE) & Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) Sondertraining 25.02.2024 Workshop 2
Going All The Way (CBA4LDF) Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Sondertraining 25.02.2024 Workshop 1
Crowded Mind Shane McKeever (N.IRE) & Niels Poulsen (DK)  
Do It All Again Niels Poulsen  
Hungry Eyes Dianne Evans  
Unhealthy Luna Valerioti Sondertraining 28.01.2024 Workshop 2
Magic Nights Niels Poulsen Sondertraining 28.01.2024 Workshop 1
Men on a Mission Gary O'Reilly, Guillaume Richard & Niels Poulsen  
Un Poquito Rachael McEnaney & Jo Thompson Szymanski  
Mama & Me Gary O'Reilly  
Sexy Lady Triple X, Raymond Sarlemijn, Darren Bailey & Roy Verdonk  
Don't Think Twice Mark Furnell (UK) & Chris Godden (UK)  



Country Touch Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse  
Jersey Giant Gudrun Schneider  
Around the Fire Kate Sala (UK), Chrystel DURAND (FR), Darren Bailey (UK) & Guillaume Richard (FR)  
Ghosted Niels Poulsen  
Slide a 1/4 Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever Sondertraining 29.10., Workshop 2
Heaven Caroline Cooper (UK) Sondertraining 29.10., Workshop 1
B Positive Daniel Trepat & Kate Sala


Gold Thomas Malle (AUT)  
Country Nights Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly  
Hold My Hand Joshua Talbot & Alison Johnnstone  
Without the Memories Niels Poulsen  
Bright Eyes Jose Miguel Belloque Vane  
Wanna Know Niels Poulsen Sondertraining 24.09., Workshop 2
Yellow Lines R. Brasme, M. Ronkes & Gregory Danvoie Sondertraining 24.09., Workshop 1
Dim The Lights Maddison Glover & Simon Ward  
Little Heartbreak Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk  
Drinkaby Rachael McEnaney  
Hasta La Vista Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Sondertraining 27.08., Workshop 2
Be Mine Magali Chabret & Seb. Bonnier Sondertraining 27.08., Workshop 1
Trustfall Alison Johnstone & Colin Ghys  
FestiNight Romain Brasme, Guillaume Richard & José Miguel Belloque Vane Sondertraining 30.07., Workshop 2
Abbronzatissima Dirk Leibing Sondertraining 30.07., Workshop 1
Waterfall Maggie Gallagher  
Wonder Laura Jones & Pol F. Ryan  
Devil in a Dress (CBA 2023) Niels Poulsen  
Long Hot Summer Magali Chabret (FR) Sondertraining 25.06., Workshop 2
If You Believe Gary O'Reilly Sondertraining 25.06., Workshop 1
Jump the Wire Dan Albro  
Get In or Get Out Maggie Gallagher  
I Got Burned Karl-Harry Winson (UK)  
Show Me Joey Warren  
Hill of Hope Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray, Maddison Glover & Niels Poulsen  
Triple You Gudrun Schneider & Silvia Schill  
Safe Place J.M.Belloque Vane (NL) & G. David (KOR)  
Give Me Your Tempo Nathan Gardiner  
Whiskey On The Shelf Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher  
Another One Bites The Dust Ryan Hunt  
Cry To Me Paul McAdam  
Amarillo By Morning Ira Weisburd  
3 Tequila Floor Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski Sondertraining 26.03., Workshop 2
Find A Way Mark Furnell & Jo & John Kinser Sondertraining 26. 03., Workshop 1
A Hero AB Annemaree Sleeth (AUS)  
Heaven's Jukebox José Miguel Belloque Vane & Willie Brown  
Break Into My Heart Darren Bailey  
Everyone Needs a Hero Roy Verdonk, Grace David & Jef Camps  
Do It With Style Maryse Gagnon & Stéphane Beauchamp  
Slow Dance With You Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk Sondertraining 26. Feb. Workshop 2
Greater Than Me Maggie Gallagher Sondertraining 26. Feb. Workshop 1
Ticket To Heaven Rob Fowler  
Rollin' With The Flow John 'Grrowler' Rowell  
Brokenhearted Gary Lafferty  
Spotlight Dee Musk  
Til my last day loving you Yvonne Zielonka Sondertraining 29.01., Workshop 1
Find Your Groove Guillaume Richard, Debbie Rushton & Amy Glass Sondertraining 29.01.,Workshop 2
Afterglow Jennifer Hughes & John Hughes  

Never Gonna Not Dance 

Maddison Glover (AUS)  
Cards On The Table Maggie Gallagher  
Mexicana Rob Fowler  




Make My Day Francien Sittrop  
Love Fool Kate Sala  
Train Wreck Niels Poulsen  
1 2 SNAP Maggie Gallagher  
Mountains To The Sea Maggie Gallagher  
Irish Boots Ivonne Verhagen, Kate Sala, Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk  
Cha Cha With Me Niels B. Poulsen  
Storm and Stone Maddison Glover  
Now Or Never Kathy Hunyadi  
Starlights Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly  
Wine, Beer, Whiskey Dan Albro  
Danger Twins Karl-Harry Winson & Jamie Barnfield  
Knock Off G. Bourdages, C.Durand, J.Lépine, St.Cormier, N. Lachance & N. Poulsen  
Broke Michelle Wright  
In The Dark (2022) Gudrun Schneider  
Wrong Direction Gudrun Schneider  
Flaws Maggie Gallagher  
Especially for You Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen  
Til the Neons Gone Darren Bailey  
Rock & Roll Found Me Chrystel Durand (FR)  
Totally Nightclub Rob Fowler  
Ticket To The Blues! Niels B. Poulsen  
11 Beers  Dan Albro (USA)  
Homecoming Queen Karl-Harry Winson  
Green Green Grass Karl-Harry Winson  
Mars Tobias Jentzsch  
It's Worth A Shot Robbie McGowan Hickie  
TikTok Love Dwight Meessen (NL) & José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL)  
Para Para Ti Jun Andrizal & Ely Chaniago  
Memories (Bad Ideas) (de) Beate Schmidt (DE)  
Knockin' Gudrun Schneider  
Obsesion Roy Hadisubroto & José Miguel Belloque Vane  
Again and Again Alison Biggs, Peter Metelnick & Jo Kinser  
I'm on My Way Maggie Gallagher  
Heads and Tails Daniel Trepat, Remco Zwijgers, Ivonne Verhagen, Jo Kinser & John Kinser, Giuseppe Scaccianoce  
Reunited! Niels Poulsen  
Out Out Shane McKeever, Guillaume Richard & Niels Poulsen  
Break It Back Down Dwight Meessen  
Waiting on Your Love Maggie Gallagher  
Chicken Fried Stomp Yvonne Zielonka  
Do My Thing Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski  
Give Me Shivers Julia Wetzel  
Moonlight Kiss Maggie Gallagher  
Beautiful Friend Dave 'Big Dave' & Pauline Baycroft, Rachael McEnaney, Dee Musk & Shaz Walton  
Faith, Hope and Love (LDF) Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey & José Miguel Belloque Vane  
Country in 3 (CBA 2021) Michele Burton, Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski  
Wild Hearts AB Steve Cavanaugh  
'Til You Can't Gary O'Reilly  
Ring Ding Mark Furnell & Chris Godden  





Down To The Honkytonk

P. Jones, A. Lockwood  
Would Have Loved Her Darren Bailey  
Raised Like That Darren Bailey  
Love You Cha Grace David  
Good To Go Scott Blevins  
Boom Boom Clap Roy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland & Annette Rosendahl Dam  
Cold Heart Maddison Glover  
Lala Swing Tim Johnson & Jean-Pierre Madge  
Back to the Start Hayley Wheatley  
I've Seen It All Gary O'Reilly  
Here We Go Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher  
Chill Factor Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead  
In The Morning Sun Ivonne Verhagen & José Miguel Belloque Vane  
Corn  Rob Fowler  
Shouting to the Monsters Niels Poulsen  
Do It All Again Niels Poulsen  

Pass Me A Beer

Niels Poulsen  
Cherry Bomb Rob Fowler  
Bad Habits Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly  
What About Now Ron Tate  
Running Polka Jean-Pierre Madge  
Vanotek Cha Gary O'Reilly  
Whiskey Bridges Maddison Glover  
My Bestie Colin Ghys & José Miguel Belloque Vane  
Feet Don't Fail Me Now Peter Metelnick  
World For Two Gary O'Reilly  
The Wellerman Tanzschule Weber  
Country Cha Cha Unbekannt  
Backroad Nation (That's Us) Diana Dawson  
Hey Old Lover (I.C.E.) Lesley Kidd & Rob Fowler  
Goodnight Kiss Julie Snailham & Caroline Cooper  
Little Less Broken Maddison Glover  
When You Smile José Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk  
Stilbaai Charleston Alison Dixon